After a four months exhibition at the Tessenmuseum in Amsterdam, 'Home in a Bag' was awarded with the Dutch Design Week Young Talent Award in November 2018. As an anticipation to evolutionary mutations, the project reinvents the anatomical body while challenging modern beauty standards and consumption habits. 

Drinking water is the world's most vital wealth. While hydration is threatening to cause the migration of entire populations, technology is on the brink of providing long term solutions to our biological limitations. A human body produces on average 2000 ml of urine waste a day, 90% of which is recyclable water. As modern medical technologies are constantly improving our physical efficiency, could we considerably reduce the waste of liquid through effective recycling system? How could individuals sustainably consume water, and could that impact the Human Body and the Environment? Through 3D animations and other technologies, meet the future avatars of your mutated self.

'In this visionary design, people are not only a problem but also a part of the solution. They transfer existing technology from space into a new domain. This makes the solution as close to humans as possible.' Sioux.

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